Wednesday Top Ten: Women I Admire

Ok, I figured since it’s finally hump-day (man, is the first week back to school and work as tough on everyone else?!?) I’d honor the day with a Top Ten list. Yes, I’m a Letterman fan, beard or no beard. And they do say imitation is the highest form of flattery… So, plan on seeing a “Top Ten” post each Wednesday!


1. Mary. Seriously, as the mom of our Maker, could there be any better example? Don’t worry, I won’t go Catholic on you 🙂 As a mom now I have a much different perspective on her and all she endured – the joy, the pain, the suffering, the pride. When I find myself all out of answers, I think “What would Mary do?” It’s likely she’s not thinking about putting her kids up for sale on ebay…

2. Elizabeth. If her best friend is Mary, what’s not to like? I think it’s her quiet faith and her excitement about pregnancy that I’m most drawn to about her.

3. My mom. Hey, she’s put up with me for 33 years, bit her lip more times than I probably know and loved me unconditionally. She’s an awesome cook, an expert seamstress and she’s my mom. I love you 🙂

4. Aunt Mary Lou. Or, Aunt Mary Woo to my three older kids. While we may not be of the same political affiliation, there’s no person I can talk to quite like Mary Lou. She just gets me. When I had my spine surgery, she stayed 3 weeks, took care of the kids and manned the house and (here’s the kicker)…she still calls us family.

5. The Godmothers: Carla, Gachia, Lynne and Cathy. I had to group these four as one because they all share the one thing that truly inspires me: their dedication to their faith. While they all have different traits I love, they each taught me to be a better Mom by being a better disciple of Christ. And, now they’re a permanent part of our family!

6. Sr. Anna Laura. Name ring a bell? She’s the inspiration for our Anna-Laura and she’s one cool nun. I didn’t know God made them as amazing as her. Here’s hoping some Dominican nuns are convinced to come establish a community in Austin…at St. Theresa’s, perhaps??

7. Dawn A. She’s a good friend of ours from Iowa. Mom of 7. We knew her when she had 2! It’s easy to say all moms of big families fit a certain stereotype, likely that they’re crazy or need to employ some sort of artificial birth control. Dawn and husband Matt really helped Scott and I see that the Lord has a plan for each family and that children really are a gift from God. Thanks Dawn for helping us keep the door (and the mind) open.

8. Janet T. Another good midwestern friend from Indiana. Mom of 5. Each time we talk to Janet, there’s a cloud of peace that surrounds her and you just can’t help but be caught in the moment. When I’m around her, I know there is a God. She really is an instrument of His peace.

9. Kelley F. She’s endured the loss of an infant child and the special needs with another. Her commitment to her faith really is quite amazing. She carries her cross with honesty. Let’s face it, some days stink. But, others…others keep you going. Thanks, Kelley, for showing me that it’s all a matter of perspective.

10. Elizabeth Edwards. Yes, I know she’s a Democrat. But, ever since her husband ran for public office a few years ago, I’ve been especially intrigued by her genuine strength. The tragic loss of her teenage son and two bouts with cancer, the latter likely terminal and she does it all with grace.

So, there you have it. My two cents worth. Take the time today to tell a woman you admire just how much she means to YOU!

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