Doctor Visit

Ok, so this is way overdue…John Paul had his 4-year well-check last week. What a big man. Tipping the scales at 36 pounds (just 4 pounds away from a booster seat – YAHOO!). He’s such a funny guy, and I mean that in every way. This one truly keeps us laughing. His talking is amazingly advanced, he loves to quote movie lines and tell jokes. Although a 4-year-old’s jokes go something like this:

John Paul: Knock, knock.

Mom: Who’s there.

John Paul: Frog.

Mom: Frog Who?

John Paul: Froggie! Froggie!

Get it?? Yeah, me neither. But, he starts cracking up. Too funny. He’s doing all the things a four-year-old should be doing: drawing people, fostering a great imagination, beginning to learn about the world around him and how it works, separating fantasy from reality (I still need work on that one, myself) and negotiating life as a lefty. He even does the Gig’em left-handed. Love it.

We love you John Paul. Stop growing so fast, will ya?

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