Date Night! Sleepover!

Not only did Scott and I have a great date night (we watched “Gone With the Wind”), but Will and John Paul had a sleepover at Uncle Daniel and Aunt Amanda’s!

We took the girls out to dinner and Scott says, “I think I need to take a moment.” There were no fights to break up, no screaming over toys and everybody had plenty of personal space. But, by Saturday morning we were missing them (and the respective uncle/aunt might’ve been a wee bit tired). They came home smiling with lots of fun stories. Sounds like it was all fun and games at Camp Farnum. Thanks Daniel and Amanda – that was a great bday gift for ALL of us!

The movie we watched was a two-nighter. You know it’s long when halfway through, “INTERMISSION” pops up on the screen… But, gosh darn it, Scarlett, how could you run handsome Rhett Butler away??? Definitely a classic. We loved it.

Oh, couldn’t part today’s post without a cute story from Will. As I’m getting them ready to go on Friday afternoon (they had most of their stuff packed for days…), I reminded them to be nice to puppy Buster. After all, he is a little fellow. Will just looks at me and says, “I know Mom. Buster’s just a little puppy in a big world.” Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. Buster survived and the boys don’t have any bite marks – so they must’ve gotten along quite well.

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