December 28: 6 Month Update

Hard to believe our little Clare Bear is already six months. Of the first 12 months, I think 6 months is my favorite age. They’re happy, not afraid of stangers, SLEEPING and not yet mobile. We gave her a first taste of rice cereal on the anniversary and she lapped it up. In fact, she tried to feed herself!

As a sidenote, I had to share this story from yesterday. It’s one of those, “You know you need more sleep when…” kind of anecdotes.

So, we’re at the Container Store making good on our promise to be even more organized in ’08. (Yes, that is possible.) And, I say to the sales lady as she’s giving me options of times to pick up our order, “So, what time do you wake up?” She laughs (thank goodness) and replies, “Well, I’ll be up late tomorrow, but the store opens at 9.” Man, I’ve got to get myself a t-shirt that says…I know not what I say, I have 4 kids.

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